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Guru Nanak Dev’s Ideals

Guru Nanak Dev’s Ideals

As fragrance abides in the flower, as the reflection is within the mirror, so does thy lord abides within thee. Why search him without ?


Guru Nanak was the foremost thinker of Sikh culture. He was a great harbinger of peace and happiness of mankind. His philosophical considerations were indispensable for everlasting liberation.

Guru Nanak was a socialistic, pragmatist, rationalist, humanist and a practical thinker. As a realist thinker, he was mainly concerned with the existing burning problems of human life. He was much anguished to see the miserable conditions of mankind.

All the teaching of Guru Nanak is motivated by what a man is, what he wants and how he should achieve it. The institute is striving with the steadfast commitment & devotion to pursuing the lofty ideals & the message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji i.e. Peace, harmony & compassion among young girls.