Workshop on Criminology

A seminar organized by the Guru Nanak P.G. Girls College on Monday stressed on preventing violence against women and girls by addressing its root and structural causes. Over 200 NCC and NSS candidates participated in the seminar, wherein Director of the Criminology & Public Policy, R. Rochin Chandra, delivered an expert lecture on career opportunities for women in criminology & police science. Addressing the gathering, Professor Chandra illustrated how gender-based discrimination, masculine norms, and gender stereotypes perpetuate men’s control and power over women and reinforce tolerance for violence against women and girls.

“In order to challenge these deep-rooted inequalities and violence-supportive norms, young women should first embolden themselves by taking up courses like criminology and police science. Getting a formal education in the fields of crime and justice will provide young women with tools and expertise to understand the root causes of violence in their communities, to educate and involve their peers to prevent such violence, and to assist crime-fighting agencies in making safer public spaces for women and ensuring justice to women victims of violence”, said Professor Chandra.

On how criminology would increase the employability of women in the criminal justice sector, Professor Chandra said that “Union Home Minister, Amit Shah recently initiated a proposal to establish a National Police University, with affiliated colleges in every state. This proposal will ensure the influx of subject-matter specialists (over generalists!) in police and paramilitary forces. Besides this, women with expertise on crime and policing are given special preference in recruitment to the posts of child protection officer, juvenile child welfare officer, prison welfare officer and other positions related to women peace and security”.

He also added that Janardhan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth, Udaipur, in collaboration with the Center for Criminology & Public Policy has been offering Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma courses in Criminology and Police Science to increase the engagement of women in efforts to prevent and combat crimes against women. For this purpose, the University is also offering generous scholarships to women candidates.

Secretary of Guru Nanak P.G. College, Mr Amar Singh Pawa inaugurated the seminar, while convenor of the event, Dr Rekha Paliwal welcomed the resource person. NSS in-charge, Ms Anita Chaubisa proposed the vote of thanks. President, Chiranjeev Grewal, Vice-Principal, Anugya Porwal, Dr Devyani Rathore and Dr Anjana Purohit also attended the seminar