Students’ Union Constitution

Student’s union election took place in Guru Nanak Girls P.G. College on 26th Aug. 2022 for Four posts.
Students welfare Dean Shri Anil Chaturvedi said that in the counting of votes held in the college. Ms. Anisha Jat, Ms. Kalal Gancha, Ms. Shruti Verma, Ms. Vanshika Kumawat declared unopposed As President, Vice President, General Secratary, Joint Secretary.
After the announcement of the election result, the former President of the Institution S. Shri Mahendrapal Singh Likhari made the winner candidates take the oath for the various posts. On this occasion the Institute President S. Shri Chiranjeev Singh Grewal, Vice President S. Shri Ajit Singh Ji Pahwa, Secretary S. Shri Amarpal Singh Pahwa, Joint Secretary S. Shri Narendra Singh Ji Pahwa, Principal Prof. N.S. Rathore, Vice Principal Dr. Anugya Porwal, Student union election committee members Dr Anita Paliwal, Dr Anuradha Malviya, Dr Meenal Kothari, Ms Vinita Verma etc. were present.